What is Yoga ?

Yoga is both a science and an art. It is said that yoga is the 6th art and the most perfect. It is the art of Self discovery.

Using the body as the medium and instrument to unravel the tangled web of fear, the practitioner gradually becomes more aware, thus beginning the subtle inner journey of transformation.

Our true nature is love and happiness and it is only through contraction and fear that we feel small and insignificant. In truth we are giants and powerhouses, capable of beaming out love unconditionally in our lives, yet we turn down the jet, and hide our hearts behind a bushel, it is safe that way. Yoga teaches that life is learning and growing.

Many of us think that detachment is cold and unfeeling, and being impervious to others suffering. On the contrary, being detached opens up more and more space within as our own ego baggage becomes lighter. Letting go is the greatest of all lessons and is learned through the art and science of yoga.

Yoga is the religion of Love. There is no dogma. There is simply YOU and IT. The IT is whatever you hold as most sacred in your life and understanding. Some put a face, a name, a form to the IT, others simply tune to their Higher Self. Inner guidance, intuition and inner knowing are all signs of the developing Consciousness. Yoga opens the Way to Higher Understanding.

The mind is our most powerful tool within our grasp and yet we rarely use its power to improve our lives. Whatever we undertake requires effort. We need to learn skills such as concentration, focus, contemplation and meditation to remove the deep-rooted and outmoded concepts and fear.

The sub-conscious mind is a great filing cabinet of thoughts that have descended via the conscious mind. The task of the conscious mind is to decipher, analyse and disseminate information. Whatever the conscious mind decides and thinks, will filter and sink into the great storehouse of the subconscious, where the thoughts will germinate, and begin to grow, and finally appear as vigorous realities in our day-to-day life.

We truly do create our own reality. It is up to us to make a conscious change in how we’ feel’ about something, how we ‘think’ about it, and finally how we ‘act’ on it.

Every action has a reaction. Simply do good acts, good work and watch for changes of a positive nature as they evolve in your life. Yoga teaches inner strength and personal responsibility.

The essence of Yoga is ‘Man, Wake up, Know Thyself” Love, Serve, Pray.

By Eugenie Knox

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