Janu Sirasan (Head-Knee Pose)
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Variation 1 : Sit down. Press the perineal space with your left heel, stretching your right leg at full length. Keep it straight. Catch hold of the right foot with both hands. Exhale. Draw the belly inward. Slowly bend down and touch your right knee with the forehead. Keep this position for five to ten seconds and gradually increase the period. Then resume the normal position and repeat three to six times. Change the sides alternately.

Variation 2 : Instead of pressing the perineal space with the heel, keep the foot on the thigh. This will press the abdominal viscera when the spine is bent forward.

Variation 3 : This goes a little further, and here you must catch the toes of the foot

kept on the thigh, and then bend forward. Along with the bending of the spine the shoulder muscles and the thoracic region are pulled.

Variation 4 : Bend the right leg and stretch the left one sideways. Catch the left foot firmly and bend the trunk sideways.

Variation 5 : Stretch the legs, then bend the right knee. Keep the right foot close to the perineum. Now lift the left leg straight up and catch the foot. Bend the head and touch the knee.

Reverse the process and repeat several times.

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