Matsyasan (Fish Pose)
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Variation 1 (For beginners) : Lie on your back. Stretch the legs and keep the hands' palms down under the thighs. Raise the chest with the help of the elbows and, bending the neck as much as possible backward, rest on the top of the head.

Variation 2 (For Advanced Students) : Spread a blanket on the ground and sit on it with the legs stretched. Bend the right leg and place the heel on the left hip joint. Again bend the left leg and place the heel on the right hip joint. This is padmasan or foot lock. Then lie on the back. The padmasan should not be raised from the floor. Rest the elbows on the floor. Now lift the trunk and head. Rest the top of the head on the floor by bending the back and neck well. Then catch hold of the toes.

This is matsyasan. Remain in this asana for two or three minutes. Those individuals who have difficulty performing padmasan may do the first form of matsyasan.

Variation 3 : In this position, the chest is thrown open and so deep breathing through the nose should be practiced. This helps to remove the spasm from the bronchial tubes and thus relieves asthma.

Variation 4 : Sit in the lotus pose, and then lie down facing the floor. Keep the hands folded in front of the head. Keep the thighs as flat as possible. This exercise is very useful in strengthening the hip joints. Breathe deeply and retain this position for four to five minutes.

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