Salabhasan (Locust Pose)
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Variation 1 : Lie prone (face down) on the blanket and keep the hands alongside the body, palms up. Rest the chin on the ground by raising the head a little. Now inhale slowly. Stiffen the whole body and raise the legs high. The knees should be kept straight. The sacrum too should be raised a little along with legs. Now the chest and the hands will feel the burden of the legs. Keep the thighs, legs, and toes in a straight line. Remain in the pose for twenty seconds and slowly come down. Repeat the process three or four times according to your capacity.

Variation 2 : This is practiced by alternately lifting the legs. As you progress in this half pose, then you can start lifting both legs simultaneously. It is a preliminary to the complete salabhasan.

Variation 3 : In this position, the cervical region and ligaments are used more. In the first variety, the sacrum and lumbar regions are used. The technique is the same except that more force must be used on the hands to raise the body till the whole body rests on the chin. This exerts tremendous pressure on the back muscles and shoulder muscles (platysma, trapezius, splenius capitis, sternocleidomastoid) and the biceps and deltoids of the upper arms and thereby stretches the muscles and tendons and increases the blood circulation.

This exercise, when it is performed correctly, looks exactly opposite to the shoulderstand.

Variation 4 : In the position of salabhasan, keep the hands behind and raise the chin. Now without the help of the hands and chin, the legs and chest are raised, and one rests on the abdomen.

Variation 5 : The technique here is the same as for variation 4, except that the arms are stretched forward, bringing the fingertips and tip of the toes to the same level. This forms the shape of a boat.

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